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About PinYing

Pingying Law Firm is a partnership law firm approved by Jiangsu Provincial Judicial Department in accordance with the Law of the People's Republic of China on Lawyers. Pingying Law Firm adheres to the concept and is committed to building a comprehensive law firm with high quality lawyers and excellent services. Since its establishment, Pingying Law Firm has adhered to the road of brand-oriented and high-quality business development. It has established a business center composed of five business departments: the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Civil Tort, the Ministry of Marriage and Family Affairs, the Ministry of Construction Engineering and the Ministry of Administration and Law, and a Ningshuang Penal Defense Center, the Legal Advisory Center and the Intellectual Property Center. Ningfang Law Center and Financial Property Center are five major brand project centers.
While developing its business, Pingying Law Firm regards public welfare legal service as a concrete action to fulfill its social responsibility, participates fully in letters and visits from government departments and legal aid, participates in legal research and case handling of public welfare litigation, and strives to contribute to the construction of socialist rule of law. Pingying Law Firm will provide special legal aid programs in the areas of criminal defense and peasant workers'wage arrears, and strive to provide legal assistance to everyone in need.


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